Diwali Special dress

Laddu Gopal pink zari dress
Special Zari dress in pink color

Maha shringaar is feeling divine to presenting this beautiful dress for all of you. Take a look of this beautiful dress the look of this dress is similar to sahasrara chakra (crown chakra) in our Hindu mythology. Sahasrar is described as a lotus flower with thousand petals of different colours these petals are arranged in 20 layers each layer with approximately 50 petals the pericarp is Golden and within it a circular moon reason is inscribed with a luminous triangle which can be either the upward or downward pointing. The sahasrara chakra is located on the crown of the head beneath of fontanelle which is easily visible e in a newborn child it is also known as the thousand petalled Lotus Bramharandhra (door to Brahma) and the Source of Light. No other light approaches the brilliance of the sun in the same way the radiance of all other chakras fades before the incomparable radiance of the sahasrara chakra the cells possesses no special colour or quality it’s light contains all colours vibrations United in the incomparable brilliance of pure light the energy of all nadees flows together here just as the water of a thousand rivers comes together in the sea dear devotees this dress is made with jerkin gold zari Resham thread the petals of dress are made with pink Resham thread and Golden zari thread on this special occasion of Janmashtami serve your laddu Gopal with this divine and beautiful dress. Pls visit our website mahashringar.com

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