karmabai’s khichdi for her dear krishna

story of Karma Bai :-

So come friends, today we have brought for you a very exciting story, whose name is Karmabai’s khichdi !!!

childhood of karmabai :-

So this is the story of Lord Krishna’s beloved devotee Karmabai,

Karmabai used to consider Lord Krishna a lot from childhood and when his father Jeevan Ram used to worship Lord Krishna, she would see him worshiping.

The father of Karmabai never used to offer food to Lord Krishna without offering food, when Karmabai was 13 years old,

one day his father Jeevanram was very fond of taking a pilgrim Pushkar bath,

along with his wife also wished that he too Along with Pushkar go for a bath. Jeevanram wanted to take his daughter Karmabai too,

but he was having a problem in the thing that if he would take his daughter with him, who would offer Lord Krishna ??

Then Jeevan Ram decided that he would give the responsibility of this to his daughter Karmabai and,

he called his daughter and said that daughter Karma in the morning only after offering Lord Krishna to take food.

Karma added yes to her father’s yes. And the next morning, first wake up first in the morning and add jaggery and ghee to Lord Krishna and made a khichdi.

responsibility of karmabai for krishna :-

And Karma made bhog and went to the temple of Lord Krishna and put it in front of him.

And started telling to god that I have made bhog and put it in front of you when you are hungry,

till then I complete the rest of the household work. And after saying this, Karma got engaged in his household chores.

But while working, she was also watching whether God had taken food or not, but when she did all her work,

she went to see the bhog again, then she saw that God has not ate khichdi yet,

then she was so It felt that there is less jaggery and ghee in the khichdi, so God did not take food.

Then Karmabai added some jaggery and ghee to the khichdi and sat in front of God herself.

And started saying that when Krishna offers you to you, then you take food. Then why are you not eating on my feeding?

And if it is that you will take food with their own hands, then they have gone out for a few days, and till then you have got the responsibility of offering bhog.

So if you do not take food, then I will not eat anything.

Seeing this stubbornness of Karma towards feeding the bhog and God became happy with his attractive things,

and then the voice comes from the idol that daughter Karma did not venture, so how should I take food?

Then Karmabai covered her chunari in front of the idol and after some time the khichdi plate placed in front of Krishna idol became empty.

Now Karma would get up first and make Lord Krishna’s enjoyment and feed them and later he would take food himself.

And a few days later, when Karma’s parents came back home from the journey, he was stunned to see Lord Krishna’s Leela.

 karmabai’s life in jagnnath puri :-

And thus Karmabai became a devotee of Lord Krishna. To pass her last days, Lord Jagganath went to a hut and started living in a hut.

  One day a hungry child came in front of Karma’s hut and said to Karma, Mother is feeling hungry, what is there to eat?

Karma also fed khichdi for that balak, after that day that child would come to Karma every day to eat khichdi,

this process continued for years, and that child was none other than Lord Jagangnath himself.

karmabai’s deadth :-

Because on the day Karmabai died, tears were coming out of the eyes of Lord Jagganath,

and that night, Lord Jagganath comes in the dream of the priest of the temple and tells the reason for his unhappiness that his beloved devotee Karmabai Golok has gone.

I used to eat khichdi made by her hand every day.

And now who will feed me khichdi ??

Then from the next day, the all priests decided that from now on every day, there will be an offering of millet khichdi for Lord Jagganath.

And that god’s food was named “Karmabai’s khichdi”


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