About Us

Mahashringar is a divine inspiration which inspires you to make your Laddu Gopal ready as your little one. In Gokul, Laddu Gopal is called Lalan means a little infant baby. We are one stop solution for your Laddu Gopal dresses, Mukut, Bansuri, Kangan, Hair, Singhasan, Quilts and other Ornaments & Accessories.

Mahashringar also help you to suggest the ways to celebrate our festivals, like how we should dress Laddu Gopal on different occasions. You can follow us on social media also, we are available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

Preeti Sharma is Founder of Mahashringar,  She is very devotee of Lord Laddu Gopal. She is very well known social worker and entrepreneur. She founded a Non Profit organization “Prazna” also, where she works for Women Hygiene and Slum based Child Education. She do workshops for girls to aware about hygiene.

Our aim with Mahashringar is to provide you everything which you require for your little Lord Krishna, We respect your feelings about your little Krishna and we deliver our products with the same love and devotion at your door steps.