why lord Krishna put peacock feather on his head???

Shree Radhe Krishna and Peacock:-
It was the time of Shree Krishna’s Leela period, at that time a peacock lived in Gokul, he was very clever and clever, but he was a devotee of Shree Krishna,wanted to get the blessings of Shree Krishna, for this,

that peacock thought of an idea and that peacock thought and that Shree Krishna Go to the door of the door, now whenever Shree Krishna comes out, that peacock would go to the same song.

I have no support without you
Gopal Savariya Mere
Mother Savariya my

In this way, he kept humming this song every day, it has been 2 days, it has been 1 year since, but Shri Krishna did not look at it.
Seeing this, the peacock was sad and started crying. Then a Maina was flying from there, seeing the peacock crying, she was very stunned, she was shocked because the peacock was crying,

but it was happening because someone was crying at the door of Shree Krishna. Then she went to Maina peacock and started asking the reason for crying with peacock – “O More, why are you crying?

Then the peacock told that he is wooing this naughty 1 year back, but till date it has given me water new.

After listening to the peacock, I have come from Shree Radhe’s Barsana in Maina told him that, you also walk with me, our Shree Radhe is very kind, she will definitely be kind to you.


Peacock agreed to Maina and both of them walked towards Barsane and both of them flew away. Maina started singing at Radha Rani’s door.
Shree Radhe Radhe Radhe, Radhe, who is rainy.
But the peacock had sung his song even after coming to the rain.I have no support without you
Gopal Savariya Mere
Mother Savariya my

When Radha heard this song, she ran and hugged the peacock with love and asked the peacock where have you come from?

Then the peacock said Jai Ho Radha Rani had heard till date that you are kind but also seen it today. Radhe Rani asked how you thought that I am kind, then the peacock said that you came out at once after listening to my song and hugged me,

but I have been singing a song for the last one year in front of Shree Krishna’s door in Gokul. But Krishna did not even listen to me, I did not even drink some water.

Then Radha Rani said, “Oh no, my Krishna is not like this, you go to Gokul once again and sing a song, but this time you chant the name of Krishna Radhe Radhe.

Peacock agreed to Radha Rani and returned to Gokul. On reaching Gokul, the peacock went back to the door of Shree Krishna and started singing the song, but this time he
Jai Radhe Radhe Name chanting

When Shree Krishna heard this, he came running to the peacock and hugged him and asked where have you come from? Hearing this, the peacock said – Wow, trick,

I have been putting your name at your door for the last one year, you did not listen to a single day nor did I drink water,

but today when I got the name of Radha Rani, you came running! Shree Krishna said, don’t complicate me in the riddles, dear, explain the whole thing in detail.

Then the peacock said, I have been going to your door in the back of a year.
I have no support without you
Gopal Savariya Mere
Mother Savariya my

But if you never paid attention, that’s why I went to Barsana, similarly peacock translated the whole thing. Then after listening to him,

Shree Krishna said – I have never paid attention to you, I have made a mistake and sin, but I give you a boon that as long as this creation will remain, your wings will always be seated on my head !!!

Therefore, if you are also a devotee of Shree Krishna and want to take his grace, then speak with love
!! … Radhe Radhe … !!

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