16,108 queens of shree krishna

Story of 16,108 queens of Lord Krishna

So my brothers and sisters bring us an interesting story for you today, which you will remain.

So today we will talk about Shree Krishna’s wives according to the old scriptures, it is said that Shri Krishna had 16, 108 wives but is it true?

Yes ! This is a popular belief. But it is a matter of thinking that so many wives can be like this? Many people behind this story are their thoughts,

but the story which is considered truth, today we will tell you about that story. For complete information, read the blog till the end.

Some interesting things about Shree Krishna:-

Lord Shree Krishna is mainly considered 8 wives. Whose names are Goddess Rukmani, Devi Jambwanti, Goddess Satyabhama, Devi Kalindi, Devi Mitrabinda, Devi Satya, Devi Bhadra, and Goddess Lakshmana, it is said that Shree Krishna married them due to their circumstances. And these eight were accepted by Shree Krishna as his wife and Shree Krishna lived in Dwarka city with all of them.


One day Lord Indra came to Lord Shree Krishna with a complaint and said that the King Daitya Bhomasur of Pragjyotishpur has disturbed all the gods. Bhomasur has taken away the valuables of the gods and has caused havoc in the three worlds.

Apart from this, he also told that Bhomasur has taken over all the girls of Prithvilok and has taken them captive and put them in captivity. Saying this, Devraj Indra pleaded with Shree Krishna and said, “O!” God, you free all of them from this suffering and sorrow

After listening to all these things, Shree Krishna accepted Indra’s request. And it was also sai that the Bhomasur was cursed that he would die from the hands of a woman.

That is why Shree Krishna left for Pragjyotishpur with his wife Satyabhama, as soon as he reached there,  Shree Krishna and his wife Satyabhama first killed a monster and his six sons.

And when Bhomasur heard this news, he got very angry and he misconds the war and then he took his army and reached him to fight with Shree Krishna. And at the end of the war, Bhomasur died from the hands of Goddess Satyabhama.

Then after the death of Bhomasur, Shree Krishna made the king of Pragjyotishpur his son and the 16,100 girls who were kept captive by Bhomasur, liberated them.

shree krishna’s decision:-

But during this time a problem arose that these girls were imprisoned with Bhomasur for a long time and they had tortured them a lot, due to this no one was getting ready to marry them,

seeing that Shree Krishna decided that he decided that he decided that he decided that he All these girls will be taken with them to Dwarka Mahal. So he took him to his palace and those girls started living their lives happily and as time passed, he accepted Shree Krishna as her husband.

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