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Some Interesting facts about Krishna


“A pretty small kid (Krishna) malicious stealing butter from clay pot. And after these devils, he makes everyone crazy with the tune of his flute, after hearing these things, only one name comes on everyone’s tongue “Shri Krishna” but along with it the question comes that why Shri Krishna is blue”?

It is believed that when Krishna was young, his evil uncle disguised himself as a witch and sent him to Krishna’s house to kill him, Putana went there and insists on mother Yashoda feeding Krishna her milk. After stubbornness, mother Yashoda allows her to feed milk, at that time this thing was common, because most of the mothers had fed their milk to Krishna, but Putana had brought her chest smeared with poison, so that she could feed Krishna and could kill.

But it is believed that Putana’s milk was poison, after that Krishna not only drank her milk but also took her life from her, so it is said that when that poisoned milk entered Krishna’s mind, he His color turned blue!


Why is Krishna’s color blue? For this, it is also said that a huge poisonous snake used to live in the Yamuna river flowing near Gokul, due to which the residents of Gokul were very upset, so Krishna ji got into the sea to fight Kaaliya Naag to get rid of that problem. He got the people of Gokul out of that trouble by defeating Kaaliya, so people say that Krishna’s color turned blue because of the poisonous snake Kaaliya.

Lord Shree Krishna is described as blue for a reason :

Lord Shri Krishna wants to re-educate us on Dharma to make us aware of the realities of life as he is the source of knowledge and wisdom.

Lord Krishna is considered to be the second incarnation of Lord Vishnu and his is blue!! so, his blue colour define the inner power,peace and serenity.


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