How to know your Laddu Gopal size

Usually we all face a problem when purchase a dress of our Laddo Gopal. That is how to decide the size of your Laddu Gopal. We cannot decide their size by their weight, it can be different (depending on used material) we cannot decide their size by their width, it can also be different. The only way to decide their size is Height.

No. 5 Laddu Gopal Height 5 inches

For example NO. Five’s Laddu Gopal height should be 5” inches. When you purchase a dress for No. five’s LadduGopal height and width of dress should be 10” * 10”inches.














No 5 Laddu Gopal dress Height and Width 10’ inches both

Now the problem is we cannot carry inch tape every time with us. If u know the size of your deity you can select dress by measuring dress by your hand tape. How? Let me show you how you can measure your deity dress with your hands.
five’s deity dress should be 1 balist and 3 aangal

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