The story behind the footprinton Laddu Gopal’s chest

Do you have any idea who has the impressions on the chest of Lord Krishna’s divinity Laddu Gopal, and why this impression is recorded on his chest. This sign is set apart in the kid type of Lord Krishna, as Laddu Gopal and as a couple.
Once upon a time, a dispute broke out among all the sages on the banks of the Saraswati river. And the reason for the controversy was who isthe best among the trinity. When the sages did not find any solution,then Bhrigu Rishi, the best among the sages, was entrusted with theresponsibility of knowing this. That he may find out who is the best
among the trinity. In order to test the Tridevas, Bhrigu Rishi first reached Brahma Lok. And got angry at Brahma ji without any reason.
And said that you have disrespected me. Hearing this, Brahma ji also got angry. And Brahma ji said that you want to get respect from your father. Bhrigu, no matter how great a scholar you become, you should not forget to respect the elders. On this Bhrigu Rishi said, sorry Lord, but you got angry. I was just looking to see if you get angry or not.
And after this Bhrigu reached Mount Kailash to test Rishi Mahadev. And on going there, he came to know that Mahadev was absorbed in meditation, he asked Nandi to inform Mahadev about my arrival. On this Nandi said that I cannot do this, he will get angry. After this Bhrigu Rishi himself reached there. And by invoking Mahadev, he said that your door is always open for the sages, Mahadev.
Mahadev’s attention was disturbed by the voice of Bhrigu Rishi. And Mahadev got angry and said that Bhrigu your death has dragged you here. I’m going to consume you now. Then Mother Parvati came there and requested Lord Shiva for the life of Bhrigu Rishi. Then Lord Shiva’s anger subsided.
After this Bhrigu Rishi reached the abode of Lord Vishnu. On reaching there, he saw that Lord Vishnu was in a state of sleep. So Bhrigu Rishi felt that God was pretending to sleep after seeing him. And he hit Lord Vishnu’s chest with his foot. This disturbed the sleep of Lord Vishnu. And as soon as he got up, he caught the feet of Rishi Bhrigu. On this Bhrigu Rishi was ashamed and also pleased.
After this he declared Lord Shri Hari as the best among the Tridva, Satoguni. His footprints are present on the chest of his Deities, the form of Lord Vishnu, from the kick hit by the sage Bhrigu. These footprints are present on the chest of all Deities including Laddu Gopal, Couple Swaroop.

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